Friday, November 17, 2017


I'll break up the photos in three different posts with another one coming tomorrow.

I wanted to catch some photos as we went through these small towns on a bus from the airport in Montego Bay to the Beaches Negril resort we stayed at in Negril, about an hour or so drive (with no traffic) and about a two hour drive with traffic.    Luckily there was a bit of air conditioning on the bus because the traffic was chaotic, and it didn't appear there were any rules of the road.

These photos are not that good but do give a sense of the area and I knew my sister would want to see what it looked like.  Also the windows of the bus were tinted so it was hard to get crisp clear colors.

I know for sure that Green Island is one of the towns we went through - it's a mix of poverty level shantys to beautiful houses up on the hills.  Not sure what the name of the other town we went through and these photos are probably mixed up showing both towns.

Here is what Wikipedia says about it;

Green Island was once a thriving market town in the days when sugar was king supported by sugar plantations such as Harding Hall, Prospect, Saxham, Winchester, Rhodes Hall, Haughton and Glasgow. Sugar and other produce were exported in small schooners from the five or six wharves (such as Dixon Wharf) which were located in the harbour. Very little remains of these wharves today.[2]
Saturdays were always bustling with activity as fishermen from as far as Negril, local rice farmers from Santoy and Westmoreland, and corn growers from St. Elizabeth selling their produce. Tobacco farmers would roll their dried leaves into a shape resembling rope, thus earning the name "Jackass Rope", and sell it by the yard for smoking in chalk pipes.
Since the development of Negril and easy access to public transportation, commercial activities have dwindled. 

Thursday, November 16, 2017


Every time I pass this house down the road from me I think to myself "I could live here."  There is something about it and it looks so pretty in every season.

Saturday, November 4, 2017


Oak Glen is a mountainous community about 40 minutes away from where I live.  They are famous for their apple orchards and it's a great place to visit in the fall. 

So hard to believe it's already November - and the cold nights and chilly days are right on schedule in the mountains.  I took these photos a year ago today and I plan to go back soon for another visit.  I know I posted a few of them before but not very many. I took WELL over 100 photos so they are just sitting in my files ready to be posted.

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