Sunday, December 31, 2017


There are a number of little cottages that we pass whenever we head out of town.

They are appealing to me for some reason so I take photos of them.  I often wonder when someone will paint them.  When we drove by the other day I took this photo and looking at it later it made me think of the new year coming up.  It looks to me like someone is clearing out the old and making way for the new.  That's a heck of a lot of garbage bags.  Maybe they are getting ready to spruce up these cottages.

There are two ways at this intersection to leave lower town... one is to go to the left which leads you up to what is called by the locals "Top Town and if you go on the street by the cottages you still go to "Top Town" but pass houses and a church. 

I'm anxious to get in the car today and see if "Fast Eddies" is open in TopTown.  The building that houses "Fast Eddies" had been painted purple a year or so ago when the new renters came in to start a bakery called "Jem's Dough".  For some reason they never opened and from what we know it is because the County gave them a lot of headaches over things that needed to be brought up to code.  They ran out of money before they could get all inspections cleared.  It was sad  because they had put so much money in to it.  We happened to be driving by the day they were packing up and leaving.  Several months later "Fast Eddies" came in but it has been way over eight months I believe - and they are just now ready to open.  I think I'll post some pics of Toptown in my next post.  We wish them all the luck in the world because dealing with the County in this town leaves one frustrated and ready to give up.

Hope you all have a great year ahead.  I plan on it!


Connie said...

Those cottages are kind of cute. I wonder if the people in the one with the trash bags are getting ready to move or perhaps have just moved in. Moving always seems to generate a lot of trash. Sounds like there is a lot of red tape involved in starting a new business there. Wishing you all the best in 2018!

cat's momma said...

What kind of place will Fast Eddy's be? Sounds like maybe a tavern.

Those little cottages make for a very pretty picture. Are those rentals do yu know?

Inger said...

I love little cottages too and you always take the best pictures of them Happy New Year to you and your family.

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