Monday, December 18, 2017


Talk about procrastinating.  I have been intending to post photos for a year - of a few trips we have taken.  I have so many photos from the Seattle and south of Seattle area, several little port towns, etc.   I'm hoping to create a habit before the end of the year where i will get some of my travel photos posted so I will have them on my blog.  I have pretty much lost interest in blogging but I like being able to come to my blogs and be reminded what the year was all about.

My son and his family live in Washington pretty close to Gig Harbor so I know I'll be back to this area.  My sister and I will be taking a road trip in May up the coast of California to Bend Oregon and on to Seattle Washington area.  I am SO looking forward to seeing Northern California and the redwoods as we travel up the coast.

Anyway, a few photos from Gig Harbor in Washington.  I loved walking through this area and could have spent way longer than the few hours i did spend here.

(Laura) i have posted these before on the blog we share but i wanted them here on what i call my main blog - so you will have seen these before).


cat's momma said...

It is good to see them again. I think that second photo would make a pretty painting, even if one used some of elements of it. Hmmm, I'll save it off to see if I might want to paint it sometime. I hope you keep up your posting of places you've traveled to because I know I would enjoy seeing them.

I actually don't enjoy blogging any more either, but I do like to keep my photos updated as much as possible since it's a great way to go back through the years once in a while. When I do that I always see things I had forgotten all about.

sandy said...

YES, THAT'S why i need to put them up even if i have put them at the other place, mostly because i intend to continue to "label" them so it's easier to find them through the years.
I "intend" to put some up every week.

Connie said...

I've never been to that area, but it looks like such a neat place to visit.

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