Wednesday, January 3, 2018


Being retired and having moved to a much smaller house I never buy anything for the house ...rarely I buy anything.  I decluttered six years ago and i don't want to do that again.

Yesterday we wanted to get out of the house and I needed to go over to Lake Arrowhead Rite-Aid for a few things and i had mentioned earlier in the day that I also wanted to stop by a favorite thrift store of mine in Cedar Glen.  I rarely go there either and the only thing I have bought there in the past was some type of bedding for the outside cat boxes in the winter.

I won't go into why the color turquoise has been so prevalent in my life these last few weeks but it has - I see it everywhere.  Anyway, so we stop in there and at the lower floor is where they have really beautiful items, more upscale than you would normally find in a thrift store - this may even be more of a consignment type shop down below and then upstairs is where the clothes and linens and household items are.

So we walk in and I see almost immediately my favorite artist's print of Irises (Van gogh).  It was really big, not a small piece of art.  It was priced at $65 and I thought well I won't get that.  Then I find out it is 50% off so we did get it and then I go upstairs and this beautiful throw was $5.00.  I was pretty excited to walk away with two nice purchases.

Cedar Glen is a little area within the Lake Arrowhead area with adorable houses and a few quaint shops and restaurants (the restaurant on the left is pretty inside and we have only stopped in for a beer in the bar and have never eaten there ...maybe some day we will try it).

I could spend all day looking through the bottom floor of this thrift shop- beautiful items in there.

There are three buildings here - the thrift store, restaurant and a hair salon.


cat's momma said...

So beautiful and BIG, that print! What a great deal you got on these. I love those soft throws too.

sandy said...

i sure was excited about it and i love my blue soft throw (of course i brought it home and washed it, lol)...although i think all of their clothing and linens are already washed. This is the best thrift store i've ever been in.

Plowing Through Life (Martha) said...

Very beautiful! You found some lovely treasures at great prices. I an relate to the colour turquoise. I have loved it my entire life and notice it everywhere I go.

sandy said...

It's weird - i liked turquoise in the past but all of a sudden I see it everywhere. I especially love it when it is matched with red. That seems to be a designer favorite in some cases.

Connie said...

Both of your purchases are beautiful! You got good deals on them. Over the next year we need to declutter too. My husband is planning to retire next December, and we hope to move to a smaller house. It's a big chore, and I don't blame you for not wanting to do it twice.

sandy said...

Hi Connie - will u stay in the area or move out of state. Yes it is a HUGE chore and I've already got way more here than I wanted to. I intended to keep decluttering after we moved in but never did.

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