Wednesday, April 25, 2018


I saw this white blooming tree.  I couldn't get a photo of it so when we left the area we came back by it - in fact Mike made a point of going by it again so I could get my photos.  Going towards the tree on my side of the car the light was too bright so I pointed my camera backwards and didn't know I was getting the red of the fire station door in the pic.  It made the white pop.  Thanks to my resident chef ..I mean Mike.

I wonder who the guy is who is walking.  I hope he didn't mind me taking his pic.

Another white tree below  seen in the backward photo.  This one is a Dogwood.

Coming down Lake Gregory drive to go home I photographed the houses on the opposite side of the hills.  What beautiful weather we have been having.

After i get my "chores" done of which there are hardly any, I hope to go back out in search of white blooming trees.  I love them more than even pink, really pink, rosy pink, and other pink type of blooming trees (except for apple blossoms and magnolia trees).


Connie said...

I love the blooming trees this time of year. Lucky coincidence that you got the red door in the photo. It does show off the white blooms even more!

cat's momma said...

Glad you're having such nice weather, and I love any tree with white blossooms!

baili said...


you live in such beautiful area dear Sandy!

this is sweet of him to point out tree for you,kind gesture indeed !

you are right in a very bright light photos get little blured

but not this one
i am happy for you
enjoy the glory of nature around you and mildness of weather

tammy j said...

ohmygosh. enough dreaming for one day! xo

Liz Hinds said...

It looks like a story tale location you live in! How pretty.

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