Wednesday, January 29, 2020


First was a trip up to McKay park to see how the park development is coming along.  Then some photos overlooking the lake from up top McKay Park - There is papoose lake which is fenced off and not for the public and Lake Arrowhead which is where we walk often.   The highway separates the two lakes.   We call this part of the lake the Docks trail.  It is about a 2 1/2 hour round trip (lots of up and down)  but we only went half way and back - gotta get back in condition after the long winter.

It was so beautiful and I took way too many photos.  Here are just a few until I get more posted at some point.

Are you getting out and enjoying good weather or do you still have snow?  I think we have about 10 days in the future with wind today but then a warm up and beautiful weather.  After that - who knows we could be snowed in again.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020


and I could make this post funny.

But...  all I can say is it felt so good to finally get several days of good walking in again.  I've hibernated too long because of cold snowy or windy weather. 

A few days ago we visited a trail/path along a wash/creek as they call it there... that I use to walk on quite often when I lived down from the mountain. 

First photo is a shot off the freeway near an area I use to live in the foothills and Mike and I use to climb all over those hills when we could find a path that wasn't overgrown and hiding snakes.

We definitely need more rain over the rest of winter and spring to really green up those foothills.  In the mountains now where i live the snow has melted and everything is so green and healthy looking (except for the trees with bark beetle disease that are going to be cut down).

This path we are on cuts through a park and then on to a path that takes you farther up the mountain, which we didn't do this time....not in any type of condition to do that yet after sitting around all winter.

Last photo is on the freeway heading back to the mountain range where we live.

Saturday, January 25, 2020


I came across these photos and am reminded of my trip to Bend, Oregon.  I'm hoping I can get back over the next few years and visit my son and his family and see some of the sights I love...especially Mirror Pond which is actually a part of DeSchutes river that runs through the city of Bend which is in Central Oregon and considered high desert.  This part especially was given it's name for the reflections that happen during a few seasons that I've been there, namely spring and fall. 

I remember being particularly taken with this house and the way it sits on the shore and is reflected in the water.  I love the yard with the chairs - and imagine sitting outside and  enjoying the scene - setting up a table and painting or sketching as people go  by on their paddle boats.  I'll be sharing more photos at a later time as it looks in the different seasons.  I think I also have some photos of winter time - and I know for sure I do of fall.

Wednesday, January 22, 2020


And I always love to drive down a little road and go by Sebastian's where there is always someone or some being outside sitting on the deck.  This particular time there was a couple sitting out there (he saw me taking his photo, (so sorry)...  anyway and the time before this it was a seagull sitting there.  Now being who I am, I have to go find THAT photo too.  I just can't leave well enough alone. I now have a goal - I've been without a goal over the last few days - but not any more!

Is there one special place you always look forward to driving by or stopping in for a coffee or ...  whatever?  And do you have a photo of it I can see;)

Thursday, January 16, 2020


I haven't been blogging much lately.  I seem to be in a holding pattern waiting for the weather to warm up so I can get out and do what I love - which is basically be outside whether  it's working in the yard or walking/hiking in some of my favorite areas here in the mountains. 

We did go to Big Bear the other day and passed an area I've posted photos of before.  Unless I'm not remembering it right, but I have looked at past photos and it appears another new house has been put up at the  Wahkeena Ranch Development.  There are  22 residential lots.  I've been passing this way for at least six years now and I think the first photos I ever got (which I will find eventually ) only had a few houses in this area.

Right across the highway from these homes is Big bear lake.

Next time I go I'm going to see how far up I can drive through a few of these roads.   I am so fond of the colors of the hills behind these houses. 

And more photos of  areas of Big Bear which includes Boulder Bay - completely iced over as well as a few other small seasonal lakes around Big Bear Lake.  Snow is coming in tonight but will drop more snow up in Big Bear than here - We are only looking at the most a couple of inches. 

Oh and farther down - a HUGE BOULDER which sits across the hwy from a bay in Big Bear called Boulder Bay - where the people are standing on the docks.

Saturday, January 11, 2020


Some more photos from our Thanksgiving trip to the central coast.

Grover Beach as far as I know, is the only beach along the central coast where you can drive on to the sand.  I read an article where a lot of residents that live in the area are fed up with the dust that is kicked up when trucks are on the sand doing whatever teenagers in trucks on sand do - probably doing "donuts" .

I snapped a few pics and saw this lady with her two ...I would think they are granddaughters and thought that I wish I knew her and could send this picture to her.  She looked so relaxed and in the moment.    The skies were beautiful the whole time we were at the coast 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020


No more snow photos for awhile.  I've taken so many and I'll probably not be putting much of them up on my blog because I'm craving color.  In San Luis Obispo we walked through a neighborhood that was beautiful with fall colors.