Sunday, February 9, 2020


Had a nice time in Redlands the other day - weather was perfect and got some shopping done, a trip through a few neighborhoods I like and back home..

Today it is snowing just a little so far but probably more by tonight.   There is an area of Redlands up on the hills where the houses are beautiful and the air is sweet.  Redlands is know for its' citrus groves and during the winter months you can smell the fragrant orange, lemon, and other fruit groves.  It was great seeing some color! 

Getting ready for a snowy week - I've covered what needs to be covered on the deck and we're all set for snow - but please please may the power stay on this time during the storm.

Those are the mountains I live in, in the background.    When we first came down it was somewhat foggy for awhile and that's why the mountains are hardly visible.

Wednesday, February 5, 2020


ferry brings us close
Shoreline home is where it's at
No bipolar temps

I could live on this shoreline happily taking photos around Seattle but staying away from the city for the most part.  Washington from what I've seen is one of the most beautiful northwest states.  I've seen a few towns, cities, along the Puget Sounds and it's just so beautiful. 

Monday, February 3, 2020


These photos are from 2 different trips in the last three weeks to Victoria Gardens outside mall with my daughter-in-law and her two totally identical in every way nieces.  I have yet to know which one is who and sometimes they answer wrong and tell me they are the other one...  and then they laugh.

The photo quality is not very good especially the darker the scene.  I wish this top one came out clearer - this was last night at the end of our trip to the mall and going back to my son's house where the Superbowl was just ending (hurray for KC Chiefs- a first for them in 50 years.

In that black and red traincar behind the engine car is my DIL and her two nieces.

Oh can't forget to say their favorite song to sing in the car is from Frozen - where they sing along to Let it Go at the top of their lungs and their voices are identical so it sounds pretty darn cute.  They love to ride both the train and the trolley that goes through the streets in the mall area so this was a treat for them last night.

Besides being totally cute they are really fashionable girls.

I had taken an old small canon easy shot that had been dropped a few times but still works.  I only take it because the girls want to take photos with my camera and if i have this old one with me I can let them take pics of each other.