Saturday, November 21, 2020


 I was reading about how our color change happens in fall with the leaves and at what altitude.

  I looked at photos from last year and it appears are colors are a behind what they were last season here in the mountains.  I still have plenty of leaves on my wild lilac tree where last year there were only a few left at this time.   Anyway - these photo are from Lake ARrowhead where i went walking yesterday.  I hadn't seen it quite this colorful in all the time I've lived here.   The black oaks are crazy gold and yellow right now.  The aspens turned awhile back and seem to be done.  Dogwoods were the first to show colors and now are bare also.  

Amazing spectacles of leaves changing color can be found in Sequoia and national parks  on the southern slopes of the Sierra Nevada Mountains east of San Joaquin Valley. Look for a rainbow of dogwoods, black oaks, aspen and black cottonwood. Fall color starts in August at about 10,000 feet and drops by elevation at a rate of 500 to 1,000 feet a week for 3 months.

Saturday, November 14, 2020


 The first two  are photos taken by someone else of our lake.  I posted them elsewhere but I want them on this blog.   It's not often i see our local  lake from this angle so I really appreciated this perrson posting these.  She was on her deck when they were taken.  

The rest are just some random ones I chose for today.  It's' still chilly and when the wind blows the wind chill makes it fairly cold.  But, we are up in the 50's which is nice.  I thought we were going to make it through to the end of November without snow and one of the latest reports I saw was a potential for winter storms  during the week of  Thanksgiving.  I hope their wrong.

Thursday, November 12, 2020


 Getting back to some photos from Halloween.   Being that Mt. Baldy is in a different mountain range than we are, their plants and trees are somewhat different than we have in our area.  All this is dependent on the soil and angle and topography of the area and so much more i have no idea about. 

What I love as we drive along are what is called the "Our Lord's Candle" or "Yucca Wipplei" .  These are the cactus looking plants you see in the photos.  I haven't seen them anywhere in our mountains.

I won't go into describing the various places we stopped at as it's only of interest to me but what we went up to do that day changed as the amount of cars along the road told us the trails behind the old Ice House that burned down years ago, were going to be crowded with people.  

Anyway it was a beautiful day and our next trip out that will take at least an hour  and a half or more to get to is either going to be Palm Springs area and up to the high desert out there or back to Baldy.  

During the winter we like to go places we won't go in summer when the temps are high.

In the past we usually always stopped at the Mt. Baldy Restaurant but sometimes we would stop in at the Buckthorn (pictured at the bottom of the post).  An older couple owned the place - the big building in the center was where they served food, drinks and the woman would entertain the crowds with her singing.  One time we went up there and her husband invited us in to the building on the left which was his place to sit and drink - he had a smaller bar in there and I think this was like his "man" cave.   We enjoyed many nice times up at Baldy - great memories.

(sis - i think you'll enjoy seeing these and hope we can both go back some day to hike behind the Ice House).