Monday, December 30, 2019


I wrote out the story on my art blog but decided to put the pics up here -We were out of power three times so we would go out in the jeep to get some pics.  Eventually I will put more up so if you dislike snow I would stay away from this blog, lol.  Not that much snow but lots of ice and power failures.  This was  a few days after the snow dropped so a lot of melting has gone on.

Our town is small, about 11,000 people and the whole town's power went down the last time about 20+ hours.   We have two parts of town - one is Top Town which this is and the other is just Town which is where the lake is.  I love the colorful old buildings in Top Town - much more character up here than in town.

Thursday, December 26, 2019


This is nothing compared to what they have gotten in snowfall up at Running Springs and Big Bear. 

We've had this much snow before but I think by tomorrow it will be the most snow we have received here since we moved in 2013 to the mountains. so it will be a first for us.

The pics I put up were taken around 9:00 a.m. and it's still snowing and i'm watching the snow pile up even more on the power lines so not sure how long I'll have power.  It seems like this is as big or bigger than the thanksgiving snow event where people lost power up to seven days but thankfully we have power right now.

Just like PG&E (central and northern california power company)  our electric company Edison probably didn't keep up like they should have with trees near  electrical lines in past years,  so now they are playing catch up. 

When we got home yesterday about 5:00 p.m. after a nice Christmas day down the mountain there was very little snow.  At 2:00 in the morning I woke up to a snow plow coming by but nothing since then and the conditions are now R3 up here which means everybody needs chains on,, even four wheel drive jeeps, etc.  So for now we are stuck which is fine.

Since these were taken probably 2 to 3" more has fallen and another 3 " more tonight and through the night.

What's good though is Edison before the snow started staged trucks in various areas up here on the mountains so there won't be a repeat of the Thanksgiving blackout.  We only went about 3 hours with our power out this morning.

  Feeling lots of gratitude for these Edison workers who are on stand by.  The big parking lot over at the lake is where the trucks hang out and they have like what fire fighters probably have - a whole kitchen set up under canopies to feed the workers.    They actually have been doing this for several weeks because the workers have also been involved with cutting trees away from power lines for the last month.

it's really a beautiful scene though and with power on and the house warm and food available we can just sit it out and be cozy. 

Our area for years is only at about 5000 feet so we don't deal with near as much as the higher mountain towns...and I'm really happy about that.

Friday, December 20, 2019


It was beautiful there the other day.  Very cold and we didn't get out to walk the lake but drove around a bit.   The altitude is about 7000 feet so colder than where we are.  it's been a very cold December and snow is expected at Christmas. 

 We once owned a cabin up here but the town is like ...five buildings ... and when we would come up to use the cabin we found after being here several times there was no where to shop or eat but there was like three different realty companies, lol.   I still love to visit especially on weekends where they are the artists' studio tour.  This last year I bought some homemade placemats from a lady who makes quilts and other fabric crafts.

I was to go back soon when it's a little warmer for a walk around the lake.  Half of the lake was frozen from the Thanksgiving blast of snow that came in.