Saturday, July 24, 2021


 Enjoying another tribute band and got a few photos.  Walked around a bit before the concert started which was really good - Journey tribute band..  These blackbirds interested me for a bit.  They would land on the roofs over the outside patio areas waiting for people to leave food around.

Next Friday is STyx Tribute Band and on Saturday 31 , is Chicago Tribute Band - I'm pretty sure I will be there for both of those.

The first time I ever saw a Monarch butterfly  other than at the central coast was here in Lake Arrowhead on this same butterfly bush.

Center Stage. Lake Arrowhead Summer Concerts

Pricing is $150 for a picnic table which seats 8-10; $75 for pub tables that seat 4; $100 for a set of the cement steps which seats 4 total – 2 on an upper step and 2 on a lower step. Grass Area FREE Family Boxes measure 10’x4’ and fit up to 5 lawn chairs (BYO) or a maximum of 6 people. (I just looked up the prices because I had no idea really what it costs to get a table). We just stand around.

These guys sounds just like Journey and they were a replacement band for the other Journey Tribute band which was suppose to play but cancelled because of sickness.  This band stepped in and tomorrow they will be playing somewhere in Lake Havasu in Arizona.

Usually there are more people on the grassy area - .. So next time will bring a couple of chairs and see if we can get a pass to go in there for free.

Sun was low on the horizon lighting up a pretty scene as the last boat I saw on the lake was lit up and driving by.  It was darker than my photo showed but I lightened it a bit.

Anyway - it's a very inexpensive way to spend a Friday or Saturday evening and there's never not a good breeze at that time in the evening.  

Wednesday, July 21, 2021


 Decided I'd post again today.  I'm trying to get into a rhythm of posting something at least a few times a week.    These were all taken up near Running Springs and Lake Arrowhead area. 

 These were all taken when Mike was down at our son's house helping him out after he shattered his kneee and I was alone most of the time up here for several months all though winter and some of spring.
i would take the car and head out with no special destination in mind.  Some I took through the car window (bad me) and some I would stop and get out and walk around getting some photos. 
I went out often in the spring  since during the winter I was stuck at home so much  because of the snow.

#1 Near my house taken from Lake Gregory Drive.  Flannel bush comes back every spring with beautiful yellow orangish flowers.  Down below is the lake and the houses across the hill above it.

Taken along Rim hwy near Rim Forest

Running Springs neighborhood below

ArrowBear Running Springs area

House I take every time i pass it.  Entering into Running Springs.  I recently used an App  with a filter (Prisma)  on a different photo of this house and put it elsewhere on my art blog.  I'm having fun with the app.  

Lake Arrowhead - I especially like this walk. Burnt Mill Canyon area not far from the lake.

Cedar Glen area in Lake Arrowhead.  This leads to a trail to deep creek canyon.  I parked this day and walked out to the trail but didn't walk it at that time .  I want to go back when it's cooler to do that.  

Zoomed in for close up of Lake Arrowhead Village.  I was out on a hwy and it took my full zoom power to get this.  I like that it turned out. Where those houses are is a lake trail which I call the docks trail which is beautiful to walk through - it's about a 2 hour walk lots of up and down on the trails by the houses. I don't do it in the heat of summer but I'm really wanting to get back out on that trail soon.

Resevoir across from Lake ARrowhead - they call this Papoose lake but's strictly a resevoir.

Below - taken far away and zoomed in to get that little house.  

Tuesday, July 20, 2021


I've seen this house a few times when we are in that area.  It appeals to me because it's old but really painted and landscaped nicely.

I take so many photos up here in the mountains that I don't post because it's so repetitive - the same views so it's nice to get away and see life off the mountain.  Sometimes I miss living where there is a lot of traffic, restaurants, shops and flat neighborhoods to walk through, instead of up and down hills.


Friday, July 16, 2021


 So, just putting up a scene I saw over at Lake Arrowhead today when walking around the lake.  I would love this patio and would totally enjoy sitting there at the table feeling the cool summer breeze that always happens in the afternoon over there.  The rest of the mountain can be hot but by the water in the afternoon, the breezes cool everything down.

Tuesday, July 13, 2021


 Went there for a tribute concert and before that we walked around some neighborhoods.  We ended up parking the car right in front of this beauty!  

This house is across the street from the beautiful library which I love to walk through and across the street from that is Redlands Bowl - a great outdoor arena right in the middle of the neighborhoods.  It's wonderful there.  It was a Neil Diamond Tribute band and he is so good.  Jay White  is his name.. The concert was free which all of them at Redlands Bowl is.  Amazing to me.