Friday, September 24, 2021


 I started watching a movie "The Starling" on Netflix with Melissa McCarthy, Kevin Kline and ...others I recognized and it was really good.  

This photo I took a few years back near our lake.  I was walking by when this orange door drew my attention to it.  I may have posted it before but I like it enough to post again.  It appears to be a house separate from the house in front but on the same property.  The view out the front would be of some trees and then the lake and if you had binoculars you could probably seen across the lake all the way to the library and our local grocery store "Goodwins".  Since 2014 a lot has changed at this house.  This year they have a raised flower rock wall flower bed with big beautiful hydrangeas - pink ones.  

Tuesday, September 21, 2021


 I thought why not for the next few months, do posts that mostly have my favorite color in them - Orange.  They will be just random photos that I have taken ever since I had a digital camera - so I have a lot to choose from. They will range from nature, houses, my art, wildlife, interiors ...anything that has orange.   Wondering how you all are doing and if fall is showing up yet in your area. And by the way what is your favorite color?  It use to be purple for me, but lately it's orange and coming in second is turquoise.  

(some photos will be some I saved off the internet)

Here are a few

1.  Trees seen on a drive thorugh Twin Peaks on our way to Lake Arrowhead.

2.  A random photo I had saved off of an interior I liked.

3.  A sign a few years back when the high desert caught fire in an area around the 138 hwy. (Not my photo).

 4.  A house I love as we pass it quite often.  The orange door is perfect for it.  In winter on the corner where a tree has grown taller, they decorate with Christmas bulbs.

5.  My old neighborhool down the mountain where we lived in the foothills.  This house was behind ours where a whole new development went in with custom homes - big ones and where we thought we were the last house in the foothills behind us,  houses were built about five years later.  Our realtor told us back in the 80's when we bought our house that this land behind us was national forest area and would never be built on.  lol  The nice thing about it is they put trails back there so I would go walking quite a bit behind the house.  This area also caught fire in the "Old Fire" in 2003 and the fire came right up to our house.  The big houses were saved and as far as i know none were badly damaged.

Anyway, we went from living in foothills to moving up to the mountains.