Monday, January 29, 2018


This blue building is a wine and bistro place.

In Avila Beach - ocean is just across the walkway from it.

Whiskey for Mayor .  Stopped for a few moments to enjoy "Whiskey" who evidently is running for Mayor because they have a sign in their yard by the steps that says so - I guess it must be true;)

Seeing all the pics I took of Whiskey I must have been enthralled with this guy or all the flowers around the house.

SLO has very colorful interesting houses on almost every street I've walked on.  San Luis Obispo is a college town.  It's a great place to hang out...and oh...all the restaurants in downtown SLO - such a choice and variety.

  Next post will be about the boarding house that Jack Kerouac stayed in for awhile when he lived in SLO. 

Saturday, January 27, 2018


So it's way too chilly to walk at the lake.  We tried it yesterday but the windchill felt like it was in the high 30's.  We didn't last long and came back to the house.

Today I was going to rake and bag leaves and pine needles if the wind stops and it actually has but I would rather sit here and post photos instead of get out and do yard work.

So here goes.  More from Pismo, heading up to Harmony .  Probably most of these aren't that interesting to other people except for my sister, so if you are reading and looking - I commend you for your endurance and thanks for the visit.

I wanted to sit right down on that patio when I walked by but I contained myself to stay within my own space.

Nice vacation rentals below in Pismo.

So, it appears that the psychic may possibly live in the same building that she tells her fortunes in.  She's got a good racket going on I think.  Her location is great as it's right in town and her prices look reasonable.  Which reminds me of a picture I took years ago walking along the little town of Shell Beach.  Upon reviewing the pictures later I discovered that when walking by an old motel the sign was a little revealing about what you might find inside.  The "E" had fallen off the word "Rates" and the sign said "Reasonable Rats".  My husband sent the picture to a guy named David Allen who reviews restaurants and businesses in our area and he wrote up a story about it and posted the pic.

When I come to the coast the first thing I notice is I can see the sky so much better than when I'm at home in my yard.  At home the mountain trees block so much - you can't drive anywhere ..where you aren't surrounded by trees.  At the beach the sky takes center stage along with the ocean.  That's not saying there aren't beautiful trees at the coast and of course palm trees rule here.

Speaking of trees - this hill with the houses below - ...I think I've taken photos of these houses every time I have come to the coast for the last 10 plus years.  They always stand out and overlook the hwy with a view of the ocean.  Lucky people.

I'm baffled - where are these colorful houses?  They showed up in my photos. 

Not sure but i liked the colors.

These houses are on hills overlooking Morro Bay and Cayucos.  Every house has a view of the ocean.  I would put up with lack of privacy (which I am use to where I live)... for a view of the beautiful sunsets over the ocean in the evening.

Then on to Harmony with more pics- ...The thing about the central coast of California - If there is an ocean and coastal climate there will be ranches, farms, vineyards on the other side or inland side of the highway.  I have read before that the happiest cows live in this area but I'm not sure who actually has asked them if they are happy.  I would be. 

Sorry if I repeat photos I have too many to keep track of.

The new winery is up on that hill.  First time we ever saw it was this trip.

I would take this old farmhouse over a penthouse suite in Manhattan any day.

Friday, January 26, 2018


So back to Pismo Beach because I hadn't finished posting these photos and jumped ahead to Harmony and Cambria, which there will be more of those later.

Our first night was spent at the new Pismo Inn at the Pier (thank you to my sis and brother in law for such a nice gift of a two night stay in this beautiful hotel.
We usually stay at Kon Tiki - where one of my family members work and we did finish our stay up at that hotel but it was exciting to get to stay at this new place.  It even has a roof top bar and spas.

Our room was on the third floor and we had a beautiful view of the beach.   They are really developing Pismo Beach area with more and more hotels which in a way is kind of sad - Pismo Beach is such a retro type beach town and it is being modernized quite a bit but it's still as charming as ever.  I love it there.  Next door they are building a big Marriott   next to this new Pismo Inn - ...The central coast of California is often written up as one of the best places to vacation at in California and because of  social media - the secret is getting out and now forget coming up during the holidays.  It's very crowded - just like our mountains are where I live - the minute it snows all the people who want snow play crowd the highway up here.  We've learned just to stay home and not leave town during those times.

My cute sweet and oh so smart great niece, Hannah.

The Pismo pier is undergoing a much needed rehab and has been closed and will be until I think sometime toward the end of 2018.

starting to see the lights come on in the evening from the rooftop bar.