Monday, August 30, 2021


Some photos from a trip to Mt. Baldy.  We leave our mountain range, drive about an hour over to another mountain range to visit Baldy.  There is just a very small village with basically a restaurant bar, another restaurant bar and a church.  Other than that, there is the ski lifts and a restaurant up at the top of the lift.  

The last three pics - we took our first grandson, Hunter,  who will be turning 19 tomorrow,  up to Mt. Baldy when he was about 5.  I noticed on our last trip that the building near where he was walking on the wall, is now boarded up.  I hadn't been to this particular part of Mt. Baldy where the cabins are in years until we went recently.  Anyway what a different 14 or so years makes between childhood and a 19 year old.  I also caught him in action looking like he was flying.

Sunday, August 29, 2021


 The last time we were in Washington was spring of 2019.  My son and his family live there and since Covid we haven't been there as I don't want to wear a mask on an airplane and other reasons as well.  Anyway I'm missing them but also Gig Harbor which is about a half hour from their place.  There are so many beautiful small coastal towns.  I was looking through photos the other day and thought I would post a few to remind me that I need a trip there - even if it is a long road trip minus the cat - whatever will I do with her, sigh.

Friday, August 13, 2021


 I'll come across photos I've taken in the past which brings up great memories of a fun day.  I remember we had driven to a nearby city by where I use to work and decided to find this trail that we looked up on the internet.  As we were walking along I noticed this house to my right and of course the horses.  As we stopped for a bit the one horse came up to greet us.  We went back to this place a few years ago and a wall had been built so we couldn't see this house anymore.  Their property and house are gorgeous and of course so are the horses. 

This is a group of photos that make me want to get out and explore new places today.  

I think I posted them a few years ago.


Wednesday, August 4, 2021


 Just sharing a photo of these gorgeous lilies which I bought myself the other day. 

 Just in case you don't know this fact, which I didn't, but something popped into my mind and said "look this up they could be toxic to cats".  Where that came from I don't question just accept that somewhere inside of me I knew it could be dangerous.  I probably read it and just didn't remember I did. 

Anyway i now have had to move them into my bedroom and keep the door closed so Beanie can't get in there.  When we first brought them home I didn't know about the toxicity when I had them on the counter in the kitchen.  She was very interested in them and seemed attracted to the fragrance.   She seems fine so that's good. 

They sure make a bedroom smell good - They smell just like Stargazer's which I've always loved but I think i like the white lilies even more.