Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Posting some more Harmony photos.

I'll probably finally get all my photos posted from January's trip when i find myself up at the central coast again in May.  Laura and I are taking a road trip up to Northern California and a little bit into  southern Oregon coast  the first week or so in May.  Her daughter will join us for part of the trip but probably can't get all the time off work she would need to stay the whole trip with us.  She will fly back at some point.

Harmony has this cute little visitor center where you can walk in and make yourself a cup of coffee or get water.  I looked for the beer but couldn't find any. 

Sometimes when taking a photo I'm so into the textures so of course I have to take lots of photos.  Brick, wood, metal plant life - all go together so well.

Monday, March 19, 2018


After the last snow we drove over to Lake Arrowhead and on the way we passed through Agua Fria (an extremely small town and then Blue Jay and  on to Lake Arrowhead - it was a gorgeous drive and I took many photos). 

This restaurant opened up a few months ago - It's the only Italian Restaurant I know of up on the mountain here unless you go up to Big Bear.  We had one other one in town but it burned down a couple years ago.   Hopefully one day we can try it out.  I use to always love Italian but rarely if ever any more, go to an Italian restaurant. 

The plan for today since we have one or two days before it starts raining again is to go to Arcadia to visit the Arboretum, that is...if I don't change my mind before it's time to leave.  I can be indecisive sometimes and think I want to leave and then discover I'd rather stay home or go out some place close.  From the mountains it will take about an hour to get there. 

What's your plans on this beautifully dry Monday?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I particularly like the blue house below - i managed to get several views.  They way the yard was lit up subtly was so pretty with the trees near the house.

There's always one house in an area that I end up liking and thinking "I could live here".  This blue one is such a house.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018


I'll do some in this post and some in the next.  The weather was probably mid 50's, a bit chilly and breezy but we were going uphill a lot and warmed up.  There's just a little bit of spring blooming over here in this area but not much - just a few trees with buds on them, could be dogwoods.  I find if I can just get out for at least 2 hours a day I don't get too tired of the weather.  The rest of the week through the weekend will be rainy and some snow later.  Everything is so green so there's little evidence of any drought here in the mountains.  Our local lake also is filling up. 

It was easy to get pictures as hardly anybody was home - a few houses had cars around but most didn't.

Saturday, March 10, 2018


Yesterday was rather unexpected.  We decided to go down the hill because we needed to stop in Walmart and get my "breakfast" drinks "Equate"...  We decided to walk through town in Redlands but to go beyond into an area we hadn't walked before. 

Whenever I'm out or on my way to a destination I tell Mike - we have to keep our eyes open, our awareness on high alert because something unusual will happen and it will be awesome or very synchronistic.  Well I said this in the car going down the mountain yesterday.

So we are walking in an area we hadn't walked before and of course i had my camera because we were near some nice older homes.  As we walked along this lady was working in her garden and says ...in a very friendly voice - just don't take a pic of my garden it looks awful.  i said of course I wouldn't but if I came back in the spring or summer and it looked good I would definitely take a pic... and we laughed.  We talked for a few moments - asking where we lived, and we asked her how long she had lived in her house.  Turns out she lived in the mountains not far from where we live - just a few miles away.  She grew up there and at some point moved to San Francisco and owned an art gallery near Fisherman's Wharf - then when she married she moved to REdlands.

So then she says hey do you want to see inside my house.  This was an offer I couldn't refuse.

Here are some pics and her very friendly little dog.  Most of the items in her house are very very old or vintage and in fact her dining room table is from sometime in the 17th century (wish I would have paid more attention).  She said it was fine to take pics.  I was pretty happy about that.

she has a WRAP around porch that is beautiful.  Then as you walk in is the living room

I admired her low hanging lights so she turned them on.  This place is immaculate and almost a minimalist style of living.  i really like it.  Every piece of furniture had a story.  Just wish I had wrote it all down.  Kathy looked to be about mid 50's and I sensed she lived alone, either divorced or widowed.  Her step son had just left yesterday after staying with her for awhile and she has two daughters - on up in Corvalis Oregon and another 15 away at a kind of e xclusive private school.

This sign on the wall was a sign that was used years ago in a trailer park" in VOE  - Valley of Enchantment an area in the mountains where she grew up.  She somehow acquired it years ago and it now has a place on her wall.

This is an amazing table.  I didn't even ask her how she acquired it - but like i said above it's from the 17th century. The door in the background leads to a really comfortable little family room.

The kitchen is definitely retro vintage etc.  She said she did the whole ceiling herself.   - out the back door leads to the side yard.  There is one bedroom downstairs in the front of the house and i have a blurry picture of it - it's the guest room and then there is just one bedroom upstairs, a bathroom that has been all redone and beautiful although I didn't get a pic and this incredible closet also of which I didn't take a picture.

This is part of her upstairs bedroom - she has basically nothing but the bare necessities in it and I found it oddly appealing to me - (I who have so much stuff in my room )... 

coming back down ...and oh the steps were so  so tiny and narrow going up to this room...

down looking at the living room from a different angle.

The wall in her office.

I guess I didn't get a photo of the family room.  Coming back into the kitchen from the office area.

  Look how old the chairs are - ..i like that she left them the way they look instead of having them repaired.  It's so authentic...

This is an original horse off of a really old merry-go-round.

Coming out to view the wrap around porch.

this is the side of it and then beyond is the garage and garden.  She told us anytime we are in the area to come and pick the fruit off her trees if we want to - she specifically mentioned grapefruit but she also has a REALLY old tree that produces various citrus fruits on one tree. 

and this sweetie pie jumped up on the chair and posed for me.  What a friend dog - can't remember her name though

view of the outside of her house and then the photo below this one is her neighbor next door's house.