Wednesday, April 22, 2020


Today after several days of staying home we went for a walk over at Lake Arrowhead.  I passed these scenes and thought  this is perfect social distancing.   I don't know much about this place...whether it's a Hotel or Bed and Breakfast or some celebrity owns it but I will sleuth down the answer at some point.  I wouldn't mind just a modest little bungalow,  3 bd 2 bath ...and for that I would have to win the lottery.  This place probably doesn't have any homes that aren't in the millions of dollars if they are along the shoreline.

I enjoyed all your comments in the last post and enjoy that i have your blogs to visit and keep in touch.   We are having a warm up coming and it will be impossible to keep me inside.  Our county is lifting restrictions on parks, trails, etc.. We can now feel free to visit them but still keep our distance.

Friday, April 17, 2020


Yesterday we went up to Big Bear Lake and spent time enjoying the great weather.  One of my favorite places to walk is the footbridge over what is called Stanfield Marsh - it is separate from the lake itself as a road divides the marsh from the lake.  The only time the marsh has water is if there has been a wet winter.  Usually by fall the marsh is pretty much dried up. 

So in the photos are two men on a bench, a family enjoying themselves all with masks on and of course the pelicans.   

We found the sign interesting about no vehicles on bottom of lake interesting. 

Altitude of Big bear is between 6500 and 9000 feet (I just learned that today after looking it up).

I never enjoyed watching kids play as much as I have when we are out walking these days.  I'm so glad they have areas like this to get out and  just play and explore their surroundings.  A lot of the mountain homes are built on hills with really no yards and there aren't a lot of parks so the shorelines are the playgrounds up here in the mountains

Sunday, April 12, 2020


Went over the other day to Stater Brothers and the power was out.  It was so eerie.  A lot of people were in the store and the only things that were powered were the cash registers and debit machines.  The whole store was dark and people were finding their way around using the flashlight on their cell phones.  One guy had a hard hat on like you would see on a miner - with a light on the hat. 

The deli items were covered with bags and blocks of ice and all the meats had been removed from the glass cases.  Along with the power outage everyone had on a mask because it is mandatory in our county now when going into a grocery store. 

We came out and drove through the parking lot down the driveway to the resort area of the lake.   It felt good to be out of the darkness and breathing fresh crisp air.

Sunday, April 5, 2020


These top pics are an area where a lot of daffodils were planted years ago and is a tribute to a man's wife who passed away from cancer.  He started planting daffodils around 10 years ago.  Every year people stop by and photograph the area.  There are a lot that haven't come up yet and we are expecting snow in a few days so not sure when the will bloom. 

Wednesday, April 1, 2020


There was a woman jogging and possibly another woman jogging or was it the same woman coming back from the way she was running when she passed us early on.  Then there was the guy who was fishing.  Given that a lot of these homes are second homes (lucky them) and possibly they weren't in them - it was like no "life" was seen anywhere except for the birds and then a paddle boat or two - with people enjoying the water. 

We enjoyed the walk and we will be out every day walking and enjoying this weather after about five months of winter long as it is still social distancing and not any type of complete lock down.   In these towns up here in the mountains it's not hard to find places to walk to keep your distance (except on the weekends when people come up to enjoy the mountains). 

I hope you are all safe and healthy and finding things to do which are enjoyable during these days.