Thursday, November 18, 2021


 I've been doing later walks going out about 3:30 to 4:45 or later so the sun is going over the mountains by the time I'm about  1/2 done.  I like going out at this time because most people are gone and i pass maybe one or two on the trails walking their dog and some people fishing along the shoreline.  I love the peace and quiet up here during the week.  On the weekend it's a different story.  

It gets dark here earlier than off the mountain or at the coast this time of year.  By 4:30 and especially up to 5:00 o'clock the angle of the sun is going behind the mountain.  I live on the shady side of the lake so being at my house even at 1 or 2 in the afternoon I get very little sunlight in the yard.  I sometimes wish I lived on the light side of the lake but then in summer they really get the heat where our house doesn't so much.  

I love the weeping birch tree in fall - it's yellow colors are beautiful.  I always hang by it for a few minutes and get close ups.  Up closes or far away, it's a beauty.

How is your November going?  Anybody have snow yet?  Usually by this time we have had one or two snow events.  We're still holding in the 60's during the day.


cat's momma said...

you got some beauties! What is in the water with red on them? Looks like a great walk at that time of day! I don't recognize the photo with the path and a black fence along it. Is that fencing new? What part of the lake is it at!

sandy said...

If I remember right - we only walked on the street level around the lake for the most part when you were with us. These closer views in some areas are from shoreline trail. Black fence is new and is at the south parking lot area. The red is from new floaty bouys they leave up all year and i believe they are there to mark where splash island goes each season. they use to be just white but i think they bought new ones. From a distance it looks like some kind of birds in the water.

J C said...

Gorgeous, I mean really gorgeous colors. I especially love that broken tree stump near the water edge. Nope, no snow here, except the fake stuff that promotors put down and tell people to come sledding in Florida. I just dont get it. People come here, tourists, to escape the cold snow, then go to the fake snow shows and spend their money. Why? Ah well. It's in the mid 80's today, so prolly even the fake snow is melting. :)


Observo uno por uno tus asombrosos paisajes y todos me parecen maravillosos.


carol l mckenna said...

Beautiful lakeside photos ~ Xo ~ It is 4:45 here in MA and it is dark already ~ Xo

Living in the moment,

A ShutterBug Explores,
aka (A Creative Harbor)

cat's momma said...

I have hiked the shoreline a few times before and didn't remember a fence like that. But you said it is new and described where it was so now I see why I never noticed it before: it's new!

Maria Rodrigues said...

In all seasons, nature always has something beautiful to offer us. Wonderful pictures. Here, the autumn time still reigns.
Have a nice weekend

Linda said...

I'm so jealous of where you get to walk - lol! Such beautiful photos! I can't imagine living next to the lake. I'd be staring all the time.

CJ Kennedy said...

Your area is so beautiful. I would like the lake without many people being out and about, too. No snow here, yet. Thursday our temps were in the high 60s! I could go through Winter like that and no snow!

Lowcarb team member said...

I agree with 'CJ' ... your area is so beautiful.
Fabulous photographs.

All the best Jan

Winifred said...

Such beautiful photos, walking there must be wonderful.

The weather in the north of the UK has been absolutely beautiful this autumn. Normally I'm not a fan as it's often cold, damp & dreary but this year it's been very warm & dry & many of the leaves are still on the trees as we've had so little wind & rain.

Veronica Lee said...

WOW! Such breathtakingly BEAUTIFUL photos, Sandy!

The weeping birch tree is indeed a stunner!

photowannabe said...

Peace...that's what your photos say to me today...Breathe in that delicious mountain air and thank the Lord for all of his blessings.
Glad we are Blogging Friends. Thankful for you.

ashok said...

love your photos!

sandy said...

thank you Ashok. That means a lot.
Thanks Sue. So sweet. I feel the same way.
Veronica, thanks so much.
Good to "see" you Winifred. Thanks.
Wow, thanks Jan.
Thanks CJ. This time of year it's easier to go without people as once the snow starts up in the resort areas , less tourists come here, yeah!
Linda, thanks. I take it for granted, like sometimes it's boring to me. But at the change of every season I start appreciating it again. I should appreciate every day and mostly I do.
Thanks Maria. I'm glad you post your photos of where you visit, always fun to see.
Thanks Laura - glad u get where it is now. It's been there i think going on three years now.
Carol thanks. I always love your Cape photos.
Antonia..thank you much.
J.C. Thanks - at the end of winter I would prefer fake stuff, lol... Snow in my yard takes forever to melt. One snow storm with less than a foot of snow can take three to four weeks to melt. We live on the really shady side of the mountain area and get little sun in the yard until closer to spring.

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