Saturday, October 24, 2020


. The very first time I visited Bend, Oregon was in October 2012.  My son and his family had just moved there from SoCal where we live.   This was the  first trip ever to Oregon and it was a perfect time of year.  Bend is considered high desert - it's in central Oregon about 3500 ft altitude.  They experience beautiful  seasons there and the fall is especially  beautiful.  

I figure for the rest of the month I will post photos from various places I've visited in autumn.   They make me happy just looking at them again.  My granddaughter is now 13 but the day we took her over to Mirror Pond she was about 5.  Jake was just 2 1/2.


photowannabe said...

Delightful. Love the High Desert.
Fall is really the best time for Oregon.
Son and family live in Keizer Oregon. It's a bit to damp and dreary for me.
Love the gorgeous colors in your post and your sweet Grands.

sandy said...

thanks Sue. Haven't heard of Keizer Oregon before.

cat's momma said...

Gorgeous pictures! It has a mountain feel in the pictures because of the types of trees and colors. If it weren't for the summer heat and winter snow, if it was always fall and spring, I would live

I am so glad I got to visit twice! I doubt a bad picture could be taken there with so much color!

Got to go look up Keizer in Oregon.

CJ Kennedy said...

Really nice houses and beautiful Fall scenes. I love the houses with the field stone fronts.

sandy said...

I don't think it's possible to take a bad photo in Bend in fall - everything is just asking to be adored lol.

sandy said...

i'm glad too Laura and i hope you and I can go back on another trip some day.

miradasdesdemiobjetivo said...

También a mí me encanta el otoño y lo bien que has captado esu colores en esas geniales fotografías.


HotFlashHomestead said...

We were just there last week. It was gorgeous and the fall colors did not disappoint! They're supposed to be getting snow this weekend so I'm glad we went when we did. Love your photos of the neighborhood, it looks like a great place to live!

Catalin said...

Wonderful pastel generated by autumn.
Exemplary photos.

Martha said...

Looks like a beautiful area. And autumn makes everything so magical.

Maria Rodrigues said...

Thank you for sharing this wonderful selection of autumn photos. They are all spectacular, but I especially loved the 3rd one, with your grandson walking on that beautiful street.
Have a nice Sunday and a good week

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