Friday, October 30, 2020


 I was happy to be able to walk through town one time on a trip to the central coast to see these scarecrows.   Cambria has an annual scarecrow festival.  

Then after the visit to Cambria, San Simeon where Hearst Castle is located is just up the coast from there.  I only went through Hearst Castle once but what i really enjoyed is walking the pier at San Simeon State Beach.  It's a beautiful area. 

We usually go to the coast to spend Thanksgiving with my sister and her family but we didn't plan it this year because of Covid and you have to get reservations months ahead of time to get a hotel room up there.  


photowannabe said...

Wow...I have never seen "Scarecrows" like those before.
They are really works of art, especially the Carmen Miranda one.
Thanks for sharing.

Catalin said...

They are friendly. How to scare someone ? :)

cat's momma said...

We haven't been back for that for quite some time. I assume lots of people are all through town wearing no masks. I used to love to go there to see what they come up with every year.

CJ Kennedy said...

those are really cool scarecrows! My friend used to live in Van Nuys and on a trip to visit her in March, she took me to visit the Hearst Castle. We stayed at a motel in Cambria right on the ocean across the street from the motel. We went over to the beach and I went wading in the Pacific Ocean and the water was a lot warmer in March than the Atlantic! We didn't go to the pier, but I think on that same trip we stopped at Solvang?

sandy said...

wow CJ - you were in California at one of my favorite areas . So cool. I know the motels along the seaside overlook the ocean , wondering if you stayed there. We use to walk an area across from those motels called Fiscalini Ranch - my sister took us there quite a few times. Cambria also over the past several years has a festival of lights at Christmas time. I've only seen it once and it's beautiful but once is enough. You have to park at a school and then be bussed in.

Laura - I think we all went back the second year when we visited you after this first visit to the scarecrow festival but of course we haven't been back since then.

Catalin - i never saw one scary crow there at all...they were all cute and creative.

Sue - Carmen and also Willie were my favorites i saw that day.

sandy said...

whoa - just saw again you said you did stay there in those motels across from the beach - CJ..
I love all those motels there and of course i have pics of every one, lol


Buena exposición de espantapájaros. Cada vez son más creativos.


Lowcarb team member said...

They look quite friendly scarecrows :)

All the best Jan

Serena Lewis said...

WOW! Those are really cool Scarecrows! They don't look scary though. I love the Carmen Miranda one and the female sitting on the bench. :)

sandy said...

Hi Jan and Serena, Antonia - It was fun to see them. Wish I could have gone this year maybe next, who knows, thanks for looking.

cat's momma said...

You forgot to mention the zebras that are there on the Hearst property and can be seen from the highway when they are out.

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